Clarifying Purpose:

The Thesis

Clarifying and mapping the core reasons why your organization exists.

Traditional mission and vision statements do not motivate employees towards a common objective, or help you speak with a clear and compelling voice. They just parrot the same words every other business has used for decades. Developing your thesis, on the other hand, is about the hard work of actually articulating the why of a business, and getting real about its reason to exist. It operates as a guide in the creation and selection of future strategies, and lights the way as you respond to the challenges in your situational assessment.

Why are you really in business, and what problems are you here to solve?

How do you create meaningful progress, and do you even want to?

Does your business have a big idea that means anything to your people, or your customers?

What it is?
  • Establishes consistent philosophy as a platform for all other work, such as your communication ecosystem and stakeholder communication
  • Elevates your foundational message from the generic to the compelling
  • Lets everyone know why they come to work each day
  • Sets out a map for leadership and growth as an organization
  • Identifies transformational possibilities and the problems in the way
  • Problem framing and paradigm setting
  • Job-to-be-done analysis
  • Network and market mapping
  • Close work with leadership on substantive philosophy and purpose
  • Simplification of message and purpose – all elements distil to a core, sharable statement.