Reporting Your World:

The Situational Assessment

A tailored report which lays out the reality of the most critical issues you face.

Strategy only happens within broader systemic contexts, from social and technological factors to environmental impacts and other shifting dynamics. A situational assessment report, tailored to your business context, lays out the reality of the most critical issues you face, identifying opportunity, risk, and red herrings. This is a document that builds consensus around a common world view for all stakeholders, to sit at the foundation of broader decision making: this is the world we work in and this the world that's coming.

What are the systemic factors rippling through in the undercurrents of your world, beyond your control, that will profoundly shape the near future world in which you operate?

If your world’s changing, how do you need to change to live in it?

What are your biggest assumptions about how you do business, and what will it mean if they turn out to be wrong?

What it is?
  • Identifies and tests your most significant assumptions
  • Identifies all of the relevant facts and perspectives and places them within the appropriate contexts
  • Maps the present and potential futures for specialist and non-specialist audiences, without sacrificing accuracy for simplicity
  • Outlines the theoretical models that explain why and how certain things happen or do not happen
  • Studies business models, infrastructure, governance, and key technologies.
  • Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Scenario Planning
  • Transformation and product opportunities
  • Trend and signal analysis
  • Deep journalistic reporting on your industry
  • Speculative design