The Ultimate Reality Check:

The S1

No detail left unturned – answering the questions the market wishes it could ask you.

An S1 report is used by a company about to go public, but it shouldn’t be only for that. It's used not just to market your business as a viable investment, but to lay it literally all out there, brick by brick. Throwing you into the real world more directly than a strategic plan, an S1 is grounded in the nuts and bolts of what you are, where you're going, and why others should care. No business should operate without knowing the answers to the tough questions an S1 poses — you don't need to be going to IPO to realise the value (and the pain) of producing one and facing up to the gaps and opportunities they expose.

How can you strengthen your organization and improve governance across the board?

How do you create a safe space to de-risk the areas of your organization that you believe to be working well?

How would you sell yourself to investors if you were a startup? What tough questions would they ask of you?

What it is?
  • A root-and-branch, or layer-by-layer non-financial audit of your organization
  • Creates a coherent and hype-free overall and complete picture of your business, free of marketing constraint.
  • Identifies addressable risks, gaps and market opportunities
  • Identifies the tough questions so you can answer them before anybody asks
  • Lays out desirable and less desirable possible futures for your industry and your part in it, identifying strategy to address ramifications
  • Thesis validation and purpose
  • Investor-oriented articulation of business model and growth strategy
  • Market differentiation
  • Consumer trend analysis
  • Network effects and flywheels
  • Brand, sales and marketing
  • Channels and distribution