Busting Bias:

The Perspective Report

The unvarnished truth from the outside – a candid report on how you’re really perceived.

The headlines your PR department won’t write. This report red teams your business, providing a critical and neutral look from the outside. What is the perception held by outside stakeholders, former employees, partners past and present? It’s a candid, Kool-Aid free look at the business, including things consultants and employees might otherwise be afraid to say. At its core is a reported in-depth feature story on your organization of the sort a respectable business magazine might publish.

Is your brand fulfilling its mission? Is its position in the marketplace as clear as you think it is?

Can you really see your own biases and myopia? Where are your blind spots?

If Businessweek were to write a cover feature on your sector, how would you be represented? What would truly be said of you?

What it is?
  • Presents external perspective in the form of a journalistic and fact-checked report with visualisations and third party sources.
  • Speaks to those who have something to say about you, without fear for their own careers or partnerships.
  • Probes and interrogates weak points in your model
  • Analyses the approaches and models in yours or adjacent sectors
  • Orients planning efforts and provides a research-driven grounding for further strategy and analuysis
  • Paves the way for deeper sector-specific or functional investigations
  • Field interviews
  • Qualitative small scale surveys
  • Open source intelligence
  • Quantitative surveying of designated stakeholder groups