Beyond Personas:

The Customer Book

Your customer as they actually live, presented through deep and careful study.

Ah, the mysterious and elusive 'customer'. Too often, organisations think of their end users through anecdotal evidence and secondary sources, and understandings that have ossified into conservative positions over time. We substitute thrown-together personas, or the empty nutrients of statistics like Net Promoter Score. The CPR is founded in a deep ethnographic study of the customer as they actually live, presenting an in-depth picture of their life, needs, contexts, and pain points.

Do you understand the context in which your products and services are used or do you only make ‘educated guesses’?

What’s it really like to deal with you and maintain a relationship with you?

Do you keep the promises you make to your customers? Is their trust in you changing over time?

What it is?
  • Presents a comprehensive and compellingly told story of the lives and needs of your customers
  • Investigates the service aspects of your business
  • Maps habits and behaviours
  • Questions and validates metrics you use to measure your customer relationships
  • Assesses how your partnership ecosystem (distribution, delivery, service) factors into your customer relationships
  • Customer context (general)
  • Expectations and needs
  • Hopes, fears, values
  • Cultural references
  • Purchase journey
  • Experience with product and service (design, usability, task completion etc.)
  • Job-to-be-done analysis
  • Logistics, last mile, etc.
  • Ease of doing business, simplicity
  • Service delivery model
  • Exception handling