Clarifying Culture & Principles:

The Company Book

Your company's missing bible. A living document for all your stakeholders on who you are and where you’re going.

Taking the same work principles we apply to our customer report, we turn the lens on the business itself. Part brand book, part employee manual, but adaptable in form for the reality of each company, the Book expresses the thesis, and beyond, as lived culture and principles in the working life of employees. If there are values leadership not yet in place that leadership wishes to imbue, the bible can lay out a practical pathway towards them. The Company Book should serve for recruitment, as the onboarding handbook given on day one, and as a living resource every day. No false promises, no vague morivational values (teamwork! respect!). Just the truth of it.

What’s the gap between the culture you express and the one your organization lives?

What would world-class onboarding look like for your organization?

What if your culture was clarified in a book that every employee could carry in their pocket?

What it is?
  • Makes your culture tangible without resorting to vague terminology and values.
  • Maps decision-making criteria and aligns thesis and mission to everyday work challenges.
  • Empowers every employee to make better and more strategically aligned decisions on the front line.
  • Assesses the quality of your governance
  • Serves as core material for onboarding, training and recruitment – sets the baseline for what it means to work for you
  • Readable stories of company life
  • Living FAQ structured by employee need, not opaque corporate divisions.
  • Corporate statements and philosophy
  • Mission, culture and vision
  • Values
  • Management principles
  • Brand message and promises
  • Basic policy guidelines and ethics
  • Methods
  • CSR and Ethics
  • Customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Hospitality
  • Dress code, style, posture, etc. (with respect to customer)
  • Language, Rules
  • Basic knowledge of the business (divisions, structures, geographies, codes, etc.)