A pragmatic research toolkit designed to help you lead with clarity.

Angle of Vision uncover your organizational reality using a hybrid approach with a hybrid skillset, bringing field-tested knowledge from design, editorial intelligence and behavioural economics together for the kind of perspective that you only find when you blend.

Our deliverables, some of which look similar to those used for financial and viability assessment in even the most traditional of organizations, provide a cross section view of the entirety of a business. They use the language and expectation that might be used where others are prodding for the weak spots of your business – investors looking to short, employees being headhunted, customers figuring out whether to trust you, lenders looking for the gaps in growth projections – and put them in your hands. In the process of creating something as simple sounding as a company culture handbook for employees, or as complex and rigorous an S1 report for a hypothetical IPO, we have to proactively answer difficult questions about the hidden machinery of an organization.

By blending open source intelligence approaches with strategic expertise, and qualitative hands-on research and reporting, we deliver a clear assessment of threats, opportunities, and pathways forward.


A team of unconventional thinkers and proven leaders.


What we believe every company should live by.