June 18, 2021

Editorial Guidelines

Welcome to Angle of Vision.

This short opening note to our blog serves as a kind of editorial mission statement. This will help you understand what we will talk about and why.

Most of the stories on this blog will be structured around our toolkit. Whenever we catch an example out there in the field of something that seems strangely similar (in name, intent or or end-result) we’ll post it, highlighting what we thought was interesting about it.

We are also working on a whitepaper (our own thesis) which will be published later this fall; once that is done, we will also supplement the thesis with articles, ideas and content to support the main question at the heart of our business

“What if the information you need to coordinate your position and your moves in a system or market is no longer reliable?”

The writing style will be drafty and backstage. This will help us not get bogged down by stylistic concerns. Much is going on in the world and it’s hard to keep up; publishing on our blog is meant to keep up and gain clarity along the way. The rough style might make things harder and muddier for you the reader, but it will help us gain clarity. [1]

There will be other venues where we’ll publish content, such as The Alpine Review, perhaps, but this is still TBD for now. More on that when ready.

Thanks for being here.

[1] Venkatesh Rao inspired some of this.

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