Empowering decision makers with actionable intelligence to uncover and address their most critical challenges.

A specialist research company working at the intersection of strategy and governance.

We focus on delivering what we call decision intelligence – actionable insight grounded in objective truth and rigorous research, designed to help you move quickly and with certainty through even the most challenging circumstances. Our work is delivered by means of a straightforward kit of practical and comprehensive tools we believe every business should have on hand.

Informed by a core philosophy and clear methodology, we help leaders improve the quality of their decision making. We apply an unconventional, interdisciplinary approach to reveal the hidden systems at work inside and outside their organisations, and to provide a valuable reality check, with context and clarity.

Take disruption as given. Take uncertainty as certain. All businesses now operate in a world where no givens are given. It’s not useful for us to tell you that.

Beyond foresight,
to unvarnished truth.

Instead, we start from the certainty that the information you need to coordinate your position and your moves in a system or market is no longer as clear as it once was. But the right information is at hand, unseen, if you take the time to look for it. We offer ourselves as a trusted partner and sounding board, willing to tell you the things that might be difficult to hear, and to ask the questions it might be difficult to ask.

By blending open source intelligence approaches with strategic expertise, qualitative hands-on research and reporting, we deliver a clear assessment of threats, opportunities, and implementable and actionable intelligence in a clear-to-understand manner.